Hi there! My name is Meryll Montano and I find great joy in reaching new heights--- literally and figuratively.

My passion is introducing health seekers to the wisdom of Ayurveda Medicine & connecting you to an abundant energy source found in plant-based wholefoods, herbs, and spices made by mother nature. I also enjoy hiking to the summits of our local mountains here in Southern California.

Health is not a priviledge. Health is your birthright.

Everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy life but it requires your commitment & participation. Each individual has a set of challenges they have to face on their journey home whether that be finding the time, energy, or money to invest in themselves. I offer a variety of services at different price ranges including but not limited to --- individualized consultations, self- care workshops, educational grocery store tours, personal training, group cleanses, private and group cooking classes, & donation-based yoga. 

Becoming your best version of you.

"To achieve your purpose in life, you must have a sound body & mind." - anonymous 

It brings me great honor and joy to help you rediscover unshakable health and continue on your pursuit to your life's purpose. 

Certifications & Professional Memberships

Let's Connect, Shall We?

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Vegan Vedas

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