Plant- Based Nutrition Programs


Plant-Based Nutrition Consultation

Want to take your health to the next level? Interested in finding whole-food plant-based alternatives to your favorite dairy and meat products? If you are an athlete seeking to enhance your recovery and performance, a vegetarian seeking to level up, a busy bee who wants to improve energy levels, gain mental clarity, achieve weight loss, and feel lighter overall, this program is for you. 


Plant-Based Nutrition for Beginners

This three part program is designed for the novice to all things health + wellness who are tired of relying on pharmaceutical drugs and crave long-term solutions to stubborn ailments. This 3- part program includes an hour long consultation to address your health concerns, a guided aisle-by- aisle supermarket tour, and a 2 hour cooking class is designed especially for you.


Conscious Cooking Classes


The kitchen is your new pharmacy and one-stop medicine shop. Basic cooking classes are designed for individuals, families, and group settings to inspire healing relationships + beautiful memories that make eating healthy fun. Also offered to businesses for a team bonding experience. Inquire within. 

Ayurveda Programs

3 Month- Jumpstart Your Health



If you've tried various therapies, treatments, practices, and a fad diet or two, you may be feeling frustrated by the results of these temporary cover-ups. If you are in need of direction and guidance and are open to change, I am happy to work with you.


6 Month- Sustainable Transformation


 Deep healing and transformation on any level requires consistent maintenance of a body clean of impurities, a mind clear of toxic thoughts in combination with increasing awareness of daily habits that may be sabotaging your hard earned progress. If you are in need of long-term change and sustainable ways of improving your quality of life, I am happy to connect with you.  

10 Day Digestion Intervention


 The root of all disease begins in the digestive tract. Ayurveda has a unique way of cleansing the body of impurities and the mind of emotional blockages & rejuvenating the nervous system to prevent build up of metabolic toxins. Recommended seasonally--- during the Fall & Spring and but can be done anytime throughout the year with proper adjustments.