6 WEEkS: Elements of Eating Workshop Series--- COMING SOON!



 In this workshop, students will learn the basic fundamental principles of  the 5,000 year old practice of Ayurvedic Medicine. The lessons in this workshop will help us understand the inseparable connection our bodies share with nature and our environment and how these principles can help us navigate what to eat and how to eat for our body type and peace of mind.

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 In this workshop, we will cover the four different types of digestive fires and how to identify the strength of your own unique metabolism for boosting immunity, managing healthy weight loss/gain, and increasing mental clarity. We will also introduce the Ayurvedic concept of ama, or digestive toxins, their negative effects on health, and how to dispel + reduce our chances of disrupting the digestion channels of our bodies.

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 The six tastes- sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent- are used in Ayurvedic medicine based on their karmas, or actions on the body. In this workshop, we will cover how these tastes- when used properly- create vibrant health + stellar digestion. We will also cover how these same tastes- when misused and improperly combined- can manifest chronic digestive imbalances. 

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 Food has the ability to make us feel in ways indescribable. In this workshop, we will discuss the subtle effects that food has on the mind and how certain foods have the ability to make us feel one of three ways: dull and mentally bogged down, stimulated and energized, or clear and euphoric.

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 Each morning as the sun rises, the organs and tissues of our body slowly begin to awaken. Similarly in the evening as the sun sets, our bodies prepare for rest and detoxification. In this workshop, you will learn how to sync the rhythm of your digestion with the Ayurvedic clock to promote healthy digestion, assimilation, and proper elimination. 

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 In this workshop, we will cover the importance of detoxing and customizing your diet in between seasons (ritusandhi) to prevent the build up of metabolic toxins and promote health. The lessons will cover what foods to increase and decrease during seasonal transitions and concentration/ mindfulness practices to ease your body into the new season and boost bio-immunity. 

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