Ayurvedic Healing Programs


3 Month- Jumpstart Your Health

If you've tried various therapies, treatments, practices, and a fad diet or two, you may be feeling frustrated by the results of these temporary cover-ups. If you are in need of direction and guidance and are open to change, I am happy to work with you.

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6 Month- Sustain Your Transformation

Deep healing and transformation on any level requires consistent maintenance of a body clean of impurities, a mind clear of toxic thoughts in combination with increasing awareness of daily habits that may be sabotaging your hard earned progress. Habits can make or break us. If you are in need of long-term change and sustainable ways of improving your quality of life, I am happy to connect with you. 


10-Day Digestion Intervention Program

The root of all disease begins in the digestive tract. Western medicine has caught up with the 5,000 year old medicine discoveries of Ayurveda and supports the understanding that most chronic diseases are metabolic related. Ayurveda has a unique way of cleansing the body of impurities and the mind of emotional blockages & rejuvenating the nervous system to prevent build up of metabolic toxins. Recommended seasonally--- during the Fall & Spring.


About Our Ayurvedic Treatments



Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve memory & focus, quiet the mind, promote sound sleep, balance hormones, calm the nervous system, promote healthy and nourished hair, and promote deep relaxation & heightening of the senses.  

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 This deeply relaxing combination of Ayurveda's luxorious Shirodhara treatment with the deeply nourishing Abhyanga massage is the ultimate treat for the body + mind + spirit.  Nothing short of a divine experience that is unique to ayurvedic medicine.  

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 Abhyanga is known as one of the best treatments for maintenance of health for the whole body. Abhyanga stimulates circulation and increases lymphatic function, providing the body with a gentle detoxifying effect. This oil masage leaves you feeling completely nourished.

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Plant-Based Nutrition Offerings

Plant-Based Nutrition Consultations

 If you are an athlete seeking to enhance your recovery and performance, a vegetarian seeking to level up, a busy bee who wants to improve energy levels, gain mental clarity, achieve weight loss, and feel lighter overall, this program is for you.  

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Plant- Based For Beginners

Tired of relying on pharmaceutical drugs and want a long-term solution to your ailments? This 3- part program which included a guided aisle-by aisle supermarket tour and cooking class is  designed especially for you.

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Conscious Cooking Classes

The kitchen is your new pharmacy and one-stop medicine shop. Basic cooking classes are designed for individuals, families, and group settings to inspire healing relationships + beautiful memories that making eating healthy fun. 

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